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December 12, 2020: New patent for Advanced Data Catalog Capabilities

IP LightBulb on Black - Data CatalogData catalogs empower workers by rapidly finding, evaluating, and delivering needed information and insights. Our third patent protects our intellectual property for automatic data catalog building through AI-enabled e-discovery bots, and the unique ability to calculate both the current and potential value of information assets. IKE’s ability to uncover opportunities to get the information to the users and customers who need it most, and calculating the potential increase in the assets’ value based on recommended actions drive up the value at the same time as driving downtime wasted by discouraged users interminably searching for information they need. Thanks again to our team at Morgan, Lewis Bockius LLP for helping us develop and file this patent rapidly. This patent improves our intellectual property protection and the capabilities it protects improve our product offerings.

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