IKE Ontology

Ike Understands

Increasing Data Literacy has become more important to many organizations as the volume, velocity, and variety of data increases while its veracity remains, as ever, uncertain. Getting up and running with new data and new analytics, personalization, and engagement capabilities require greater data literacy for both users and IT. And once data literacy is elevated, keeping up to date and maximizing the value of information assets requires more than literacy: it requires accelerated delivery of apps to leverage the information effectively.

IKE both saves costs and improves revenues by accelerating time-to-market. This is possible because IKE understands users, automates more processes, and permits more flexibility to users while reducing repetitive tasks.

  1. Data Classification that reduces manual scrubbing/cleansing (requires good UI?)
  2. Semantic layer to empower report users
  3. Master Data Mgmt with definitions/formulas
  4. Searchability across structured/Semi/un
  5. Filtering out noise/distractions with fewer false positives and fewer false negatives
  6. Finding synonyms in structured/Semi/un to get better views of big-picture trends
IKE Business Value