November 5, 2020: New patent for Causal Reasoning

Working with our exceptional patent counsel at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP we are pleased to announce completion of our second patent filing. While our first patent broadly protects our unique approach to meaning-based natural language understanding, this patent protects our ability to answer complex how and why questions using advanced artificial intelligence (AI). The category of this type of AI is “Causal Reasoning” and brings customers value by using information about actions taken now to predict outcomes (forward-looking or prospective causal reasoning), as well as using information about results to determine why and how the results came about (retrospective causal reasoning). This is a fundamental part of our core natural language understanding capability as verbs are in most sentence and verbs express cause and effect.


December 1, 2020: Nicole Bolinger joins as Marketing Lead

Nicole Bolinger has joined the team as marketing lead. Nicole is a creative and marketing professional who works with entrepreneurs and start-ups assisting them with broad-based skills in branding, marketing, and communications. Nicole has 20 years of extensive experience implementing effective online and social media marketing strategies, creating community engagement, and driving business development. She believes that good marketing should appear simple and natural, yet strategically planned and executed. Nicole is was honored as a Whose Who in Business in Fayette Woman Magazine in 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Major in Marketing from Troy University.