Architecture of Actionable Knowledge

Joe Roushar – November 2018 Getting the Knowledge Out How do you know — anything, much less actionable knowledge? Chemicals and electrical impulses splash around in the brain, and voila: we understand the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We have looked at how synapses connect neurons, and how taxonomical and other associations connect […]

Create a Sustainable Enterprise Portfolio

Joe Roushar – August 2019 With the deluge of new data constantly flowing into the enterprise, having a  sustainable enterprise portfolio means the ability to adapt and leverage different, even unexpected information to improve the bottom line. I have often heard COOs and CIOs lament the fact that systems need to be replaced too frequently […]

Business Focused Digital Txformation – BFDX or Bust

Business Focused Digital Transformation (BFDX) By: Joe Roushar August 2018 What is BFDX or Business Focused Digital Transformation?  To thoroughly understand it, we need to start at the beginning.  Digital Transformation (DX) means different things depending on your context. Many people equate DX to e-Commerce: moving the sales from bricks and mortar to “Clicks”. Others […]

December 1, 2020: Nicole Bolinger joins as Marketing Lead

Nicole Bolinger has joined the team as marketing lead. Nicole is a creative and marketing professional who works with entrepreneurs and start-ups assisting them with broad-based skills in branding, marketing, public relations, and communications. Nicole has 20 years of extensive experience implementing effective online and social media marketing strategies, creating community engagement, and driving business […]

November 5, 2020: New patent for Causal Reasoning

Working with our exceptional patent counsel at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP we are pleased to announce completion of our second patent filing. While our first patent broadly protects our unique approach to meaning-based natural language understanding, this patent protects our ability to answer complex how and why questions using advanced artificial intelligence (AI). The […]