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IKE is a powerful, next-generation AI delivering meaningful, high-quality,​
and accurate insights to discover the hidden value of your Information
and support your business decisions. ​IKE discovers ​
and catalogs all your data to determine its current and potential value for
rapid and actionable insights to run your business more efficiently.


IKE Discovers The Hidden Value
Of Your Information.


IKE’s Superior Natural
Language Understanding


IKE Enterprise Info


Machine Learning Data

IKE is a Different Kind of AI…

We are Delivering the Future of AI, Today!

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Data is the New Gold Standard.
Understanding Context is how to find it.

IKE AI Every Organization has High Value Information

Every Organization has High Value Information

IKE discovers underused silos of digital information and tells you what they are worth and why so your company functions better, IKE can find it, report its intrinsic value, and provide tools to multiply its value.

Experienced Team

Our team has deep experience in AI, NL, and business systems to give your organization the best AI products, as well as, customer support because that is what makes us better than other KaaS platforms.

IKE AI Team experience in AI, NL, and business systems
IKE AI  Catalogs Data More Accurately

IKE Catalogs Data More Accurately

IKE uses metadata to accelerate digital transformation, supports security, governance, risk management, and compliance so we can help you more effectively.

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